Matcha Coconut Sesame Snaps

This recipe consists of 4 ingredients, 3 of which you would probably have guessed from the title of this post. These matcha sesame snaps remind me of a snack that my grandma used to buy for us whenever she travels to visit her hometown in Fujian, China. The ones she buys often comes with roasted peanuts and sesame, and extremely sweet and decadent. I love them but they do require quite a lot of jaw power to eat!

Before coming up with this recipe, I actually did a bit of research. Interestingly enough, I realized what I once thought was a snack native to the Chinese is present in so many more countries around the world. The Americans will call these Sesame Snaps, for the Greeks (Pastelli), for the Koreans (Kang Jung) and for the Jews (Sukariyot Soomsoom).

They all include 2 basic ingredients of a sweetener and sesame seeds. I guess before heavily processed snacks became so easily available, our ancestors made use of simple ingredients to make healthy and wholesome snacks. Wouldn’t it be interesting to have a taste test of all these sesame snacks?


I wanted these Matcha Sesame Snaps to have a chewier taste. So I added some coconut flakes and they turn out absolutely delicious! They make for guilt-free munching as they contain so many different types of minerals and vitamins for bone health.

Sesame seeds are not only very affordable but have incredibly high levels of copper and manganese which strengthens our blood vessels, promoting good blood circulation and also reduces swelling of our joints from inflammation. Sesame seeds are also high in protein, healthy fats, and help to lower LDL (Bad Cholesterol).

These are chewy and crunchy at the same time, small and portable, perfect for an after workout snack.

I also like that these Matcha Sesame Snaps are not too sweet as the matcha adds just a slight tinge of bitterness. If you prefer a sweeter snack, feel free to add more syrup to this. I also like the idea that I am getting healthier through snacking – benefits of consuming matcha!


I have been loving this brand of matcha from Grace and Green. They are of excellent quality, smooth, rich with just a slight hint of bitterness. This matcha from Uji, Kyoto has won 1st prize 19 times in The All-Japan Competitive Tea Exhibition. I am impressed by their dedication and consistency in maintaining such a high-quality product.

Grace and Green ships directly from Japan, so you can be assured of receiving the best quality authentic matcha for your health. They offer free international shipping for purchases above USD36.

I have been using this matcha almost daily for my breakfasts in smoothies, chia puddings, and overnight oats. I share these on my Instagram (@lucbabe). They give me a much-needed boost of energy, especially on sleepy mornings.

This recipe for Matcha Coconut Sesame Snaps is open to a lot of adaptations. You can try adding in raisins, cranberries, pumpkin seeds or even silvered almonds. I will definitely make a bigger batch next time as me and my mom finished them in 2 days!

The best way to enjoy these Matcha Coconut Sesame Snaps? With a cup of warm freshly brewed matcha, of course!

Recipe: Matcha Coconut Sesame Snaps

Makes 4 small servings


  • 1/2 cup white sesame seeds
  • 2 Tablespoon desiccated coconut
  • 1 Tablespoon of matcha powder
  • 3 1/2 Tablespoons of maple syrup*


1. Dry toast sesame seeds and coconut in a pot for about 2-3 minutes till fragrant and slightly brown.

2. Remove and mix matcha powder into the mixture.

3. Heat maple syrup in a pot, stirring constantly for about 4-5 minutes until it starts to bubble.


4. Remove from heat and pour sesame mixture into the pot. Stir to combine.

5. Place mixture on parchment paper. Flatten with back of a spatula. When slightly cooled, use another layer of parchment paper and press down on it to flatten. This I found was the best method to create an even layer.


6. Cut into bite size pieces when it’s still warm. Alternatively, eat the whole thing as a BIG cracker!! So fun for communal snacking!


*Note: No maple syrup? Use these sweeteners instead: Honey, Agave, Date Syrup or even just brown sugar.


Thank you so much for reading!


*Disclosure: The Matcha Powder was gifted to me. No monetary compensation was given. As always, opinions and thoughts are my own. I will only share products that I truly like. Thank you so much for supporting businesses that make my blog possible.

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